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8:40 AM

Ivey Geranium

- Trailing Annual
(Trailing plants produce predominantly horizontal growth with little or no strongly upright branches. These plants lend themselves ideally for foreground planting, massing and as ground cover.)
-Lowe's code L4088
-Part sun (morning sunlight only)
-Growth rate: medium
-Bloom from Spring to Full;
- water: keep moist and check often for water;
- Pruning: remove spent flowers and pinch back plants as needed to keep basket full and balanced.
- Fertilization: once a month according to direction on fertilizer package.

8:08 AM

Asiatic Lily

-Perennial (comes back year after year);
-Bloom in Summer;
-Full Sun (6+ hours direct sun);
-Average size: 12-18'' X 6-9''
-Spacing: 6-9''
-Growth rate: Medium;
Cold hardiness: -30 ~ -40F
Heat tolerance: ?
Pruning: remove spent flowers;
fertilization: Spring

-Perform better with regular water during hot summer months.
Lows plant code: LW01857

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